This Is Why We're Different

Our Ez-Vex Shear & Scissor Sharpening System is COMPLETELY different than a flat hone or a “bench” grinder. 

It removes very little metal while restoring & repairing the Convex Edge of Japanese style shears.

The Ez-Vex can also establish a true bevel edge on your grooming shears or fabric scissors.

Our AMK-75 Knife Sharpening System is superior to 

most “hand sharpening” as it keeps a constant sharpening angle 

and won’t heat up the edge of the knife.

The Ez-Vex Sharpening System

The Maker of the Ez-Vex proudly holds two U.S. Patents and was designed by an experienced sharpener, to give shear and scissor sharpeners a modern choice over the "old school" bench grinders that are not equipped for modern shears or flat hone machines that traditionally require years of experience to operate succussfully.

Not a bench grinder or a flat hone

The Ez-Vex features a series of diamond micro-plated wheels to accomplish the sharpening and uses the flat front side of the wheels to sharpen bevel edged shears, like traditional Barber scissors and fabrics scissors. The Ez-Vex also offers/features a new solid wheel that uses traditional abbrasive pads to sharpen bevel edges like a flat hone, but more accurate.

Are Your Shears This Bad?

The Ez-Vex Sharpening System address’ the complex issues of Japanese style convex shears, by using¬† geometric principles of the inside diameter of a circle, to match the manufactures convex edge design (techy stuff). The Ez-Vex maintains and restores that special edge without damaging the finish of the shear.¬†

Grooming Shears Too...

Any Groomer’s shear can be expertly sharpened as well, with little metal removed & a true bevel edge maintained. Chunkers and Thinners perfom better than new when sharpened on the Ez-Vex

Curved Shears No Problem

Convex curved or bevel, neither is an issue. The Ez-Vex is probably the only system that maintains that convex edge when being sharpened.

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