Regardless Of Your Politics...

Make America Sharp Again!

Gone Are The Days...

…when someone drove thru your neighborhood, ringing a bell & sharpening your kitchen knives, household scissors and simple garden tools.

All Ways Sharp is that mobile service, redesigned for the 21st century! 

We retore the cutting edge on many of your favorite kitchen & Chef knives, Salon, Groomer or Fabric shears/scissors, not only for households but commercial operations as well.

We feature that “old time” convenience via our Door2Door Sharpening Service in the Greater Tampa Bay area, or thru our USPS Priority Mail Service.

For neighborhood service you can schedule a time to sharpen your neccessities. Our current special is any six (6) knives for ony $40, onsite, at your home If you can’t be there in person, we can make other arrangements. 

Hair Stylists & Groomers, you too, can schedule an appointment! There is a minimum of two shears.

Works just like Amazon!

Restaurants, Hotels and other commercial accounts please call for further questions or use the same button to make an appoitment!

Mail Order Priority Mail Box Kit

Need local service in the Greater Tampa Bay area?

Call or text TODAY for next day service!

Not in our service area? Check out our Priority Mail Service