Time For A Change?

Looking for a new career? You’ve thought about sharpening? But now what?

 Or maybe you already have some equipment, but are ready for an upgrade…Time for an Ez-Vex, the next generation in sharpening…

This Is Why We're Different

Our Ez-Vex Shear Sharpening System is COMPLETELY different than a flat hone or a “bench” grinder. 

It removes very little metal while restoring & repairing the Convex Edge of Japanese style shears.

The Ez-Vex can also establish a true bevel edge on other shears. 

The Ez-Vex Sharpening System

The Maker of the Ez-Vex proudly holds two U.S. Patents and was designed by an experienced sharpener, to give shear and scissor sharpeners a modern choice over the "old school" bench grinders that are not equipped for modern shears or flat hone machines that traditionally require years of experience to operate succussfully.

We are a Nationwide Distributor

Manufactured by The Clipper Shack. We provide initial basic training in the greater Tampa Bay/Orlando area, included in the price, as well as free lifetime support. Or, we can come to you and provide that training, for an additional charge.

The Ez-Vex Sharpening System address’ the complex issues of Japanese style convex shears, by using  geometric principles of the inside diameter of a circle, to match the manufactures convex edge design (techy stuff). The Ez-Vex maintains and restores that special edge without damaging the finish of the shear. The Ez-Vex can also adapt to the radius change in the shear as well.

The Ez-Vex features a series of diamond micro-plated wheels to accomplish the sharpening and uses the flat front side of the wheels to sharpen bevel edged shears, like traditional Barber scissors and fabrics scissors. The Ez-Vex also offers/features a new solid wheel that uses traditional abbrasive pads to sharpen bevel edges like a flat hone, but more accurate.

And thru the same inside curve of the wheel, the Ez-Vex can properly handle any size curved shear with spectacular results!

Using our custom designed specialty clamps, you are able to sharpen any style of shears with basic understanding, and not requiring a massive amount of experience or trial & error.

The basic Ez-Vez includes a 30 & a 15 micron diamond wheels for sharpening, two leather wheels for polishing, a Post Tool for curved Convex shears, a LED light, a regular clamp, a power source for 110V situations and a plug-in option for 12 V D.C. operations. A solid wheel and a re-convexing wheel are available to mimic a flat hone system, as well as a 45 micron diamond wheel for more aggresive requirements. Instructional DVD’s are included, as well as a one year warranty.* The basic cost is $2,475 plus shipping and sales tax.

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